I write. You invest. Our communities thrive.

You invest.
I write.
Our communities thrive.

This year our fundraising campaign focused on different aspects of the Neighborhood Writing Alliance’s mission. Our last piece, which went up on the website today, draws attention to the way communities benefit from intentional community building and idea-sharing among diverse peers. These are concepts NWA puts into action every day, all year, throughout Chicago.

Today, three of NWA’s community members share their own examples (originally left in the comments of this blog) of how their relationships and worldviews have been affected by NWA.

Community member Pamela Dominguez:

…I agree with all your comments of what NWA has provided for many adults. As a past NWA writer, I share that experience to the young and old alike, with queries such as “What did you want to be when you grew up?” or “what were some of your dreams, etc?” As a trainer of Popular Education, Freire was on point, it takes the people’s voices and involvement to see they are essential to society in creating internal and external changes.

Writer Mary Kaye, who writes at NWA’s Bezazian group, with Anna:

Hi Anna — It has been a wonderful journey with you as you incorporate the English language into your life and writings. Fun to see you grow.

Former NWA writer and workshop leader Donna Kiser:

It was NWA and a terrific workshop leader, Susan House, that helped me get to where I am today. They helped give me the courage to return to school in middle age, helped me realize that I had a voice, and that what I had to say and the stories I had to tell were important.

In helping me go forward, I learned that I loved doing the same, and thrilled in delight when the light went on in someone’s eyes and they understood that sharing their words made a difference, not only for them, but others as well.

Today, I am very much involved in social justice activism that I never even thought of before…

NWA has far-reaching results and I urge everyone to contribute whatever possible to help them continue building community. It is even more necessary in today’s environment.

Tomorrow we’ll be back at it with our regular blog content. Today, please consider investing in work of the Neighborhood Writing Alliance.