Today, NWA volunteers/interns Madeleine and Maggie are hanging out with a group of middle and high school students at the Raw Voices: Teens in the Media Arts Festival at Columbia College Chicago. They’ve spent the morning talking about blogging (why to blog, when to blog, what to blog…) and are now putting their newly-learned skills to the test with this post!

The new bloggers were each asked to write a little bit about what they might want to blog about in the future and what unique perspective they could offer on the subject. Here’s what everyone came up with:

“I want to blog about volleyball. I really think it is a good sport. I think my blog is different because not a lot of people will blog abut volleyball. I will tell why volleyball is a good sport and what you have to do to be a good player.”
– Takera!

“I would like to video blog about my movies and like what stuff I did to make a them. I would also use that to get tips on how to make my videos better.”
– Aaron – 8th grade

“My topic for blogging would be fashion and my opinions on trends, outfits and more. This is unique because other people could also give their input and opinions.”
– Jameah – 8th grade

“I would like to blog about hair! Different hairstyles and haircuts. My perspective would be unique because I recently got a really short hair cut, I have also had a bob and before my hair got cut into a bob the first time I liked trying all of these different hairstyles.”
– Jordan – 8th grade

“I like blogging about my experiences in  helping out the community. My perspective is unique because of the time and effort I put towards helping out the community. Also I like blogging about sports. I update top teams and sports.”
– Issachar

“I want to  blog about different types of poetry, but especially free verse. I think what makes my perspective different is that I’ll also be posting my own free verse poems. i’ll also have a few of my friends who also enjoy poetry to post and write on it.”
– Bethany – 7th grade

“Undecided what to blog about just like what I plan to do with my future is undecided at this point. Follow me on my journey in discovering my self and ultimately what I’m going to dedicate my life to. My perspective is unique because it’s mine.
– # the search

“I want to blog about dance and keep people updated on me and my dance team and the moves we make like our upcoming shows and how they went.”
– Sierra

“I would like to blog about dancing. What would make mine different from the others is because from my own experience. And challenges and accomplishments I have faced.”
– Janerrick <3

“Being a part of this workshop motivated me to fulfill my ideas in creating a blog focused on cosmotology. My blog will include pictures of different hairstyles, nail polish brands, and different make-up to use. I plan on creating my blog now so it will be well established by the time I graduate from college.”
– Daphanie – 12th grade

“I would like to blog about social issues in America. My perspective would be unique because I am a teenager/young adult and have heard different perspectives on social issues from other teens/young adults of diverse backgrounds.”
– Deidra – 12th grade

“I am going to blog about cheerleading. I want to connect with other cheerleaders and tell my perspectives oh how I enjoy/not enjoy cheerleading very much. I want to reach out to other cheerleaders and exchange opinions of the good and the bad about it.”
– Jalissa – 8th grade

“I want to blog about my perspective of various situations/events; in doing so my “unique” perspective would make my blog different from others (since it’s my perspective).”
– a junior

“I want to blog about music and what it makes it unique is that I grew up with music and I can relate to some of the things they say.”
– an 8th grader