Today we share a poem by NWA writer David Nekimken (Hall Branch Library). He reflects on the experience of attending the 2012 Every Person Is a Philosopher Annual Benefit.

David Nekimken

Featured speakers Michelle Wright and Dolen Perkins-Valdez (photo by Sophia Nahli)

NWA at the School of the Art Institute
festivities in full swing…
A buzz of excitement
writers, staff, friends, and guests
intermingling in conversation
one by one, two by two, and more
intermingling colors
casual look to dressed to the nines
intermingling silent auction with
free flow of spirits, food, and music…

The main event
on floor below
writers telling their stories…
NWA’s very own
Kee Humphrey, Tinamaria Penn, Earlene Strickland
giving full voice to
personal experiences in the world
from heart and soul…
A conversation
Dolen Perkins-Valdez
first novel Wench
Michelle Wright
associate professor at Northwestern
historical slavery and preserving slaves’ stories
personal experience and historical research
the writers life of despair and triumph
emotional truth and authentic expression
literature will set us free…

Ordinary people as extraordinary writers
clear authentic voices
stories to live by
stories we live by
who we are, what we are…
NWA writers
uplifting voices of
marginalized peoples…