Hollen Reischer is the Assistant Director of the Neighborhood Writing Alliance. She is the Editor of the Journal of Ordinary Thought.

  1. Five Days in the High Desert—NWA Visits Elko, Nevada
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Been 84 This Year
  3. “I loved the neighborhood where I grew up”: On the Front Porch with “Watemelon Man”
  4. “And some hear her echo when they hear a distant car horn”: On the Front Porch with “A New Chicago Legend”
  5. “I do make a difference in what I say”: Meet the Philosophers with Rickey Darnell Culver
  6. “The New Year Enters”: On the Front Porch with “2011 Breaks”
  7. Happy 2nd Bloggiversary to Us!
  8. L is for Liberation!
  9. NWA Writers Explore Body Wisdom with Sage Community Health Collective
  10. The Summer Solstice Concert with Kucha—Sheila Barabad Photographs NWA Writers
  11. Who Is a Writer?
  12. A Day at Work with Allen McNair—Sheila Barabad Photographs NWA Writers
  13. Today I’m an Honorary Ambassador of Sunshine at The Bright Side Project!
  14. The Modern Storyteller
  15. “Portraits of Truth”—Sheila Barabad Photographs NWA Writers
  16. Getting Serious With Chicago
  17. Printers’ Ball: A Celebration of Our Time
  18. San Lucas Week: “Happiness: An Active Choice”
  19. San Lucas Week: “Love…Pure, Simple, and True”
  20. Goodbye, Madeleine!
  21. Back on Track
  22. Vaginas in Michigan
  23. Thank You NWA!
  24. All Over the News: NWA Writers on Verse Journalism
  25. Celebrate Loving Day!
  26. 2012 Every Person Is a Philosopher Annual Benefit, through a writer’s eyes
  27. What Do Poems Want: An Interview with Krista Franklin and Michael Warr
  28. So Many Exciting Events: Annual Benefit tonight, Printer’s Row this weekend!
  29. Sharing Stories for Social Justice
  30. A Senior’s Sense of Freedom of Expression
  31. Wench: Launch of Virtual Book Club with Author Dolen Perkins-Valdez
  32. Words=Change Writing Workshop Showcases Survivor and Advocate Stories
  33. Writing to Create Change: Advocating for an End to Sexual Exploitation
  34. Let My Freedom from Fear Be Heard
  35. Twinkle Toes
  36. What Kind of World Will They Grow Up In?
  37. My First Library: Zrmanjska #6 Belgrade
  38. NWA’s Albany Park Workshop presents: The Booben*
  39. Verse Journalism Seminar with Quraysh Ali Lansana
  40. Reflections on A Long Walk Home’s SOARS Performance
  41. Verse Journalism: Observing Today, Constructing Tomorrow
  42. Do You Love a Veteran? – A Writing and Community Building Project
  43. “Tipped Over the Edge” Restaurant Opportunities Center Says Women in Restaurant Industry Face Systematic Discrimination, Poverty Wages
  44. Write to Woo Your Love—or Wow Your Friends—This Valentine’s Day
  45. Why Democracy Needs News Literacy
  46. Upcoming Events: “Exploring Radical Vulnerability” and “A Senior’s Sense of Freedom of Expression”
  47. Freedom in the News
  48. NWA Albany Park Writing Workshop’s Statement of Solidarity with Chicago Public Libraries
  49. Library Cuts Displace Community-Based Writing Programs
  50. We Are Everywhere: A Cento Challenge
  51. What Will You Remember from 2011?
  52. You Invest. I Write. Our Communities Thrive.
  53. Disability in Chicago Part 4: State Compliance to Olmstead Decision Increasing
  54. We Wish You Were There! A Recap of NWA’s Annual Holiday Party
  55. Disability in Chicago, Part 3: Domestic Violence in the Disability Community
  56. Together, We Open Minds
  57. Write On! NWA’s New Monthly Giving Program
  58. Chicago Book Expo 2011!
  59. Every Person Is a Cartographer
  60. Happy Bloggiversary to Us!
  61. A New Season Is About to Begin: A Memorable Program Committee Meeting
  62. Connecting Cultures: An Artist’s Pilgrimage
  63. Meet the Philosophers: Sue Eleuterio
  64. My First Internship…..EVER!
  65. Why Do We Believe Urban Legends?
  66. Fiber Artist Bonnie J. Smith Reflects on “Thoughts of the Mind”
  67. Interview with Fiber Artist Susan Shie
  68. Borders and Boundaries
  69. Pedgagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference Recap
  70. Neighborhood Writing Alliance joins Sunday Salon Chicago for an evening of literary fun
  71. An Urgent Need for Clean, Safe Water in the Great Lakes
  72. A Visualization of Creative Resistance
  73. Audio Slideshow: Earlene Strickland on “The Defining Line”
  74. Intern Mark Shares His Top 5 “NWA Moments”
  75. Socializing on Telephone Wires: A Year with the NWA
  76. When My Pen Rains
  77. I Am a Writer: Writers We Love Talk about the Neighborhood Writing Alliance
  78. NWA Reading and Reception Delivered More than Food for Thought
  79. Timuel Black Remembers the New Deal with Guest Sharon Warner: Event Recap
  80. Advancing Carly Simon
  81. Meet the Philosophers: John W. Zeigler
  82. How Does Location Affect Relationship? Guest post by Brian Golden of Theatre Seven of Chicago
  83. Printers Row Lit Fest: “JOT Yearbook – The Best of NWA”
  84. Traveling Music: A Writer’s Reflection on “Traveling Down Freedom’s Main Line”
  85. Release Reading TONIGHT, and “Tribute to Marvin Gaye”
  86. Lessons Learned from the Freedom Riders
  87. NWA Benefit: A Smashing Success
  88. Buy your tickets to NWA’s Annual Benefit June 1!
  89. Artists and Art Educators as Engaged Citizens
  90. Community Writing: The Founding of NWA, a guest post by Sunny Fischer!
  91. Exploring the Works of Malcolm X
  92. Black History 101 Mobile Museum: “Necessary!” Malcolm X Exhibit Recap
  93. We All Want to Be Heard – New Audio!
  94. Haiku of Devastation
  95. Creating Art in the Service of the People: A Tool for Eradicating Prisons
  96. Hello from Lisbon!
  97. Community Participation in Urban Development—a guest post by Joyce Fernandes of archi-treasures
  98. Interview with Mindy Faber of Open Youth Networks
  99. Off the Beaten Path: Violence, Women and Art
  100. The Bandana Project: A Public Presentation, Performance & Creative Workshop
  101. The True Cost of Coal: Conversation with a Beehive Collective Artist (Part 2)
  102. The True Cost of Coal: Conversation with a Beehive Collective Artist (Part 1)
  103. Power to the Peeps
  104. Audio: Doris Arrington, “Spin from Within”
  105. Taking it to the Streets
  106. Release Reading Tonight!
  107. A Visual Feast – Guest Post by Jason Reblando
  108. The Index: March 4, 2011
  109. Writers and the Labor Movement: Lessons in Creative Resistance
  110. The Index: February 25, 2011
  111. NWA’s Weekly Writing Workshops: Where the Magic Happens
  112. The Index: February 18, 2011
  113. The Personal as Political
  114. An Exercise in Living
  115. The Hard Realities of Life in Chicago
  116. “Don’t Forget the Mentally Ill”
  117. The Index: February 11, 2011
  118. Poetry in the Egyptian Uprising
  119. Change and Release: An Intern’s Autumn at the Neighborhood Writing Alliance
  120. The Index: January 28, 2011
  121. Theme Launch: Creative Resistance!
  122. What If?
  123. The Index: January 21, 2011
  124. The Index: January 14, 2011
  125. Cuffed Heart
  126. Voices From These Times: Edsals
  127. The Index: January 7, 2011
  128. The Index: December 31, 2010
  129. My Walk Around the Sun
  130. Voices From These Times: Do the Math
  131. The Index: December 24, 2010
  132. December
  133. Drop the I-Word
  134. The Index: December 17, 2010
  135. Meet the Philosophers: Donna Kiser
  136. A Strange Object
  137. Voices From These Times: Looking for Work
  138. The Index: December 10, 2010
  139. Meet the Philosophers: Barbara Govednik
  140. Boundr-o-Mat
  141. Meet the Philosophers: Yvetta Logan
  142. The Index: December 3, 2010
  143. I Believe That Peace is Possible
  144. “Nigger” Will Never Be a Term of Endearment
  145. A Truly Advanced Society
  146. Chicago Loses a Great Activist: Dr. Margaret Burroughs
  147. I Believe We Live Amidst Peace
  148. Voices From These Times: Mike Bryant
  149. Meet the Philosophers: Ellen Bernstein
  150. “An African American Boundary Line” & The DREAM Act
  151. Words Have the Power To…(Blog Launch Party Recap Part 3)
  152. Exquisite Corpses (Blog Launch Party Recap Part 2)
  153. The Index: November 19, 2010
  154. NWA Writers’ Poetry on the BP Oil Spill
  155. Voices From These Times: Temporary
  156. The Index: November 12, 2010
  157. Every Person Is a Philosopher Blog Launch Party Recap—Part 1
  158. Blog Launch Party TONIGHT!
  159. It’s a Neighborhood Affair
  160. The Index: November 5, 2010
  161. Blog Launch Party!
  162. I Was Born in Chicago
  163. Voices From These Times: Employment Inferno
  164. The Index: October 29, 2010
  165. To the Healthy Wealthy Wise
  166. Welcome to Our Blog!